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Justin Seed Co.

Justin Seed Company stands as one of the greatest seed providers in Texas, and has for more than 60 years




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Justin Seed Company

524 S. Highway 156
Justin, TX 76247

(940) 648-2751

Tracy Tally
(940) 648-2751

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Justin Seed Cover Crops


 Justin Seed Company is comprised of three major product lines; Seed, Fertilizer, and Erosion Control

In the fall of 1939, E. C. Tally purchased farmland near Justin, Texas, and began growing wheat and oats. Justin Seed Company was incorporated in 1958 by the second generation seedsman. The development of hybrid forages led us to expand into forage production and the introduction of related products to the agricultural market. Through the years, we have welcomed an increase in seed cleaning and our native grass harvesting capacity.

Justin Seed Company continues to offer small grains, forages, sorghums, cover crops, and legumes. We also specialize in turf grasses, fertilizer, wildflowers, native and improved grasses.  In 2015 we welcomed an increase in seed cleaning and native grass harvesting capacity

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  • - Barley
  • - Forage Grasses
  • - Millets
  • - Oats
  • - Sorghum
  • - Triticale
  • - Wheat
  • - Other Small Grains