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RiceTec drives sustainable food production through rice seed technologies and makes a positive impact on farmers, employees and stakeholders.




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P.O.Box 1305
Alvin, TX 77512

(281) 393-3502

Doug Richards
(281) 756-3383

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- We innovate by developing technology, systems, and knowledge that yield prosperity

- We work together to deliver exceptional results by operating as a cohesive team

- We care and respect for people and the environment, embracing safety, diversity, and ethical behaviors

Formed with the assets from Farms of Texas Company, RiceTec has been developing rice products since 1988. With diverse experience and strong affiliations throughout the world, RiceTec combines unique skills in rice farming, plant breeding and consumer marketing.

Headquartered in Alvin, Texas, RiceTec was founded on the premise that modern, technology-based breeding techniques, combined with a broad, diverse germplasm collection, can efficiently develop and economically produce superior rice seed products. Research and development work resulted in new products being developed, with the first seed sold in 1999.

At RiceTec, we’re committed to revolutionizing rice production. That commitment drove us to become the first company to commercialize hybrid rice seed in North and South America. As a technology-based rice company, we’re still innovating today with a focus on products that bring high value to the growers who choose to plant our seed.

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