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Scott Seed Co.


A leader in the seed trade industry since its founding




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Scott Seed Company

P.O. Box 1732
Hereford, TX 79045

(806) 364-3484

Chad Kriegshauser
(806) 364-3484

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Scott Seed Co


Research, Production, Customer Relations

We work closely with the USDA and the Texas Department of Agriculture to get you quality seed shipped anywhere in the world. We have testing locations around the globe so we can get you the seed that is adapted to your area.

As a third generation seedsmen, Scott Seed has remained one of the leaders in the seed trade industry since its founding. The success of Scott Seed Company owes much to the strong foundation and commitment that the family started with in 1946. 

Being a small, family owned business is an advantage in the market place. We can produce a better product at a lower cost than bigger companies because of our low overhead and personal attention to each customer’s seed.

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  • - Barley
  • - Millets
  • - Oats
  • - Sorghum
  • - Triticale
  • - Wheat
  • - Other Small Grains