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Wilco Peanut

Wilco provides Texas-grown peanuts to customers all over the world.




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Wilco Peanut

3391 2nd Street
P. O. Drawer B
Pleasanton, TX 78064

(830) 569-3808

Kurt Warnken
(210) 315-6271

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Wilco Peanut family promise


Wilco buys peanuts from local family operations whose employees are often additional family members. This means our producers have irreplaceable hands-on expertise and attention to detail.

Established in 1951, Wilco began as a local supplier of quality peanut seed, with its shelling plant in San Antonio, TX. After expanding into different market segments, the company relocated to Pleasanton, TX, where the main facility and offices are currently located.

Wilco sources only the highest quality of Texas-grown peanuts from the most experienced and proven producers. We value strong and lasting relationships with our suppliers and clients.

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