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Bill Rooney stands in a grain sorghum field. - Kay Ledbetter/Texas A&M AgriLife

Bill Rooney stands in a grain sorghum field. - Kay Ledbetter/Texas A&M AgriLife
Jan 06

TSTA Weekly Update, 01/06/2022

Inside this Issue:

  • Texas Seed Trade Association Annual Meeting / Membership Meeting
  • Southern Seed Association Annual Meeting
  • Bioenergy Sorghum's Roots Can Replenish Carbon in Soil - A New Texas A&M AgriLife Study Shows the Annual Crop Can Sequester Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide
  • Biden Administration Announces Plan for a Fairer, More Competitive, More Resilient Meat and Poultry Supply Chain
  • USDA: The Distribution of Irrigated Acreage Has Shifted Eastward
  • Australian OGTR: Receipt of License Application from The University of Greenland for a Field Trial of Genetically Modified Sorghum
  • News Bits
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