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This line up of testing services are not just for what's legally required for labeling your seed. Many of these tests can provide valuable insight into the overall health of a seed lot. For example, mechanical damage to the seed during conditioning or the drop in germ of a carryover lot due to storage conditions can be identified using of variety of vigor tests. ICIA follows AOSA Rules for testing seed. 

Germination - Warm, Cold, Sand and Saturated

Purity Analysis & Varietal Analysis (visual)

Accelerated Aging & Tetrazolium


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Indiana Crop Improvement Association

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Lafayette, IN 47909


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ICIA Quality Assurance


Company Description

ICIA, a non-profit, self-supporting agency, exists to deliver unbiased, needed services to our member customers in the seed, grain, food and related industries.  As an ISO certified organization, impeccable customer service and efficient and effective processes are ingrained in our operations and in practice on a day to day basis.  Our member customers benefit from the high standard of quality, accuracy and consistency that comes with our attention to detail, knowledge and experience.


ICIA Field Services

Lab Services

  • Germination
  • Seed Purity Testing
  • Seed Vigor Testing
  • Purity Testing
  • Trait Confirmation
  • GMO Screening

Field Services

  • Field Inspections
  • Quality Assurance Programs
  • Certification Programs
  • Identity Preserved Programs

Third Party Audits


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