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Nebraska Crop Improvement Association


The Nebraska Crop Improvement Association, is a recognized authority for seed production, performance, and quality analysis. Operating as an independent, unbiased non-profit organization, the NCIA enhances the value of your seed and crops through professional, personalized services that meet seed producer, marketer, and industry needs. NCIA programs contribute to agricultural diversity, productivity, and sustainability.


Contact Information:


Nebraska Crop Improvement Association

266 Plant Science Hall
Lincoln, NE 68583-0911

Send Seed Samples to:

P. O. Box 830911
Lincoln, NE 68583-0911



Testing and Assurance


Company Description

The NCIA laboratory is the only non-government crop improvement laboratory in the United States that is an Official Member of the Association of Official Seed Analysts. The NCIA Seed Laboratory provides testing for all seed crops, Certified, Quality Assurance, Identity Preserved, and service samples. Our services are convenient, economical, reliable and timely. Free seed sample bags are available by contacting the NCIA office. Results can be emailed or faxed on the same day as completed. Presentations on quality, testing, and other topics can be custom designed for your needs and programs. Consulting services are available. NCIA’s laboratory offers rapid turn-around of your samples, diagnosis of testing problems, and reliable results. The NCIA laboratory employs three full time Registered Seed Technologist. All evaluations, purities, and genetic tests are done by fully trained experienced analysts dedicated to assisting you in determining your seed quality.


Pure, tested wheat
  • Official Seed Certifying Agency for Nebraska
  • Seed Lab Testing Services
  • Seed Quality Assurance Testing
  • Grain Identity Preserved



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