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Richardson Seeds, Ltd.

Richardson Seeds has been producing hybrid sorghum for 60 years - as long as there has been hybrid sorghum.


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Richardson Seeds, Ltd.

3095 County Road 26
P. O. Box 60
Vega, TX 79092


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Larry Richardson

David Drinnon

Roudy Blasingame

Deborah Reed

Richardson Seeds, Ltd.

3908 N. Frankford Avenue
Lubbock, TX 79416


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Jarrod Cook

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Company Description

Richardson Seeds has been producing hybrid sorghum for more than 50 years, as long as there has been hybrid sorghum.  Today, we produce our grain and forage sorghums on the North Plains of Texas. We have some of the finest isolation to grow grain hybrids on highly fertile, semi-arid land with an abundance of irrigation water. These factors produce premium quality, vigorous seed, with fewer disease problems.  

Richardson Seeds has a full line of Forage and Sorghum Sudangrass Hybrids. These hybrids are offered with Brown Mid-rib, photoperiod sensitive, conventional and varying ranges of maturities to satisfy your needs. Our line of Hybrid Pearl Millets are offered in Brown Mid-rib and conventional.  We can also certify your production if needed.

Our sorghum research and breeding division is headed by Gabriel Krishnamoorthy, Ph.D. Our mission is to develop and provide cutting edge genetics of quality grain and forage sorghums. We work closely with clients and advise them on the best options for production and sales of grain and forage hybrids. Richardson Seeds not only develops new and different materials, we go further and place our materials in a practical field and animal evaluation trials to determine economic returns.


Richardson Seeds Hybrid Grain Sorghum
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  • Hybrid Forage Sorghums
  • Hybrid Grain Sorghums
  • Hybrid Pearl Millet


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