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American Takii, Inc.

Wide range of wholesale, quality, vegetable and flower seeds.

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American Takii

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Julia Paul
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About American Takii Vegetable and Flower Seeds


Company Description

Our mission is to breed, develop and produce superior quality vegetable and flower varieties to meet the full potential of a dynamic market. American Takii, Inc. recognizes the importance of customer service and developing customer relations for a long-term partnership. We at American Takii Inc. are working diligently to uphold high quality standards and use innovative research to help you be successful.


Trilogy Blue Petunia
  • Agastach, Arizona Series
  • Canna
  • Gerbera F1 Royal Series
  • Delphinium F1 Aurora Series
  • Flower Kale F1 Glamour Red
  • Salvia Summer Jewel Series
  • Cheers, Cabbage
  • Frontier, Onion
  • Trailblazer (T-808) Onion
  • Celebrate, Cabbage
  • Trinity, Cantaloupe
  • Rising Sun, Onion


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