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Apply for Texas Seed Trade Association membership.  You can save and return to your application, at any time.

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Organization Information

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Main Contacts

Please list the name, address, phone number and eMail address for key personnel that would receive the TSTA Weekly Update newsletter, and for the TSTA Member Directory Listing. (For more than 5, please submit a list to the TSTA Main Office)


TSTA Code of Ethics

All active members of the association shall subscribe to the following code of ethics.

We possess the greatest faith in the future of the seed industry. We recognize seeds as a fundamental part of the agricultural success of our Country. We pledge our earnest cooperation and sincere effort to protect the interests of the public, our industry and our association members through honest and upright business practices; our sincere effort to breed, grow, buy, and sell quality seeds, and to conduct ourselves in a business manner where just compensation for ourselves and our fellow seedsmen can flourish. We believe in the Texas Seed Trade Association, subscribe to the principles for which it stands, and agree to its Rules, Constitution and Bylaws.

Agree to Code of Ethics and Terms of Use

Membership Type

Active Membership: Includes Voting Privileges and designed for companies that produce, market, provide and sell seeds. Refer to Business Volume Table below, for Annual Dues amount.

Affiliate Membership: Limited to companies that do not sell seed, but produce, market, provide and sell products that service the seed industry. Annual Dues: $575.00

Education and Government Membership: Limited to Education and Government facilities, and allied trade associations, non-profit businesses and professional organizations. Annual Dues: $350.00


Membership Type

Total Business Volume Table

Please select the checkbox for the Total Annual Business Volume for the organization for which you are applying. Please note that this section is only pertinent / required for Active Membership applications.


Total Business Volume

Business Profile Information

Please check all boxes for the seeds which you provide. If you are applying for an Affiliate or Education and Government Membership, or if you'd like to briefly elaborate on other services you provide, please use the Description box, below.



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