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BH Genetics

Our purpose is simple. Help each and every grower achieve the best possible harvests season after season, and do what it takes to make that possible. By localizing product selections and helping growers understand data, we provide you with the tools to improve farm management and overall plant health.


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BH Genetics
5933 F.M. 1157
Ganado, TX 77962

P. O. Box 620
Moulton, TX  77975

(361) 771-2755

Quinton J. Raab
(361) 772-5725

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Company Description

Bart and Karen Hajovsky established B-H Genetics in 1998. Bart was formerly a dealer/supervisor for a major seed corn company, where he managed three full time employees and a sales territory that covered roughly a quarter of Texas. Initially, B-H Genetics sold seed corn only and catered primarily to its home and neighboring counties. Following several years of strong performance and increased brand recognition, B-H Genetics products began moving into new markets and added sorghum to its product line.

Advanta Grain Sorghum


An experienced sales & agronomic team currently market B-H Genetics products from coast to coast. B-H Genetics is a family owned and operated business with five members of the Hajovsky family actively engaged in the business.


  • - Seed Corn
  • - Grain Sorghum
  • - Forage Sorghum
  • - Sorghum Sudangrass