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Browning Seed

Offering a full lineup of crops, ranging from sorghum sudangrass hybrids, to small grains, to forage sorghum, to cover crops, to native grass seed and more.




Contact Information:

Browning Seed, Inc.

3101 S. Interstate Highway 27
Unit 1
Plainview, TX 79072

(806) 293-5271

John Browning
(806) 293-5271

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Company Information

Browning Seed, Inc.

Browning Seed was established in 1962 and has been providing seed for customers all across the United States and abroad ever since!

Positioned right in the heart of the panhandle of Texas, Browning Seed is a full-service seed company focused on serving each and every one of our customer’s needs. As one of the last few independently-owned family seed businesses in the United States, we aim to serve our customers like we have since 1962, just like family!

With our main processing facilities located in Plainview, TX, we aim to serve many different parts of the United States and even internationally. In order to accomplish this, we have a full lineup of crops ranging from sorghum sudangrass hybrids to small grains to forage sorghum to cover crops to native grass seed and more! We have also focused our attention towards bringing our customers only the best in forage genetics and are constantly researching and developing new hybrids that are more drought tolerant, higher yielding, and the best in quality. For our customers, we want the seed buying process and the growing season to be as easy as possible. For that very reason, we have a knowledgeable staff of seed specialists willing to help you in every way that they can! 

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  • - Cotton
  • - Flower Seed
  • - Forage Grasses
  • - Forage Legumes
  • - Millets
  • - Oats
  • - Sorghum
  • - Triticale
  • - Wheat
  • - Other small grains