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Douglas King Seed Company

Douglass King Seeds is a licensed producer of certified Texas Selected Native Seed varieties developed by South Texas Natives Project, the Texas Native Seeds Program, and the USDA NRCS Plant Materials Centers.




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Douglas King Seed Company

4627 Emil Street
P.O. Box 200320
San Antonio, TX 78220

(210) 661-4191

Forrest Smith
(210) 661-4191

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Douglas King Seed Company conservation of land, water and wildlife

Quality Grass, Forb, & Wildflower Seed For Your Project


Douglass King Seeds has a long history of working closely with land managers to provide the best seed products on the market. Each day we are inspired by our past, which challenges us to look forward and do better every day. We believe this attitude allows us to lead in the production of unique, specifically adapted, identified, and clearly described products.

We are committed to continuing in our efforts to source and produce seeds that best reflect the needs of our clients. Through our long-time collaboration with the Texas Natives Seeds Program at the Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute, we have been able to grow and market a large offering of native grasses, forbs, and other plants that are specifically adapted to the climates and soils of Texas.

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  • - Flower Seed
  • - Forage Grasses
  • - Forage Legumes
  • - Millets
  • - Oats
  • - Sorghum
  • - Sunflowers
  • - Triticale
  • - Wheat
  • - Natives
  • - Other Small Grains