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Illinois Crop Improvement Association

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Champaign, IL 61822

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Doug Miller
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Illinois Crop Improvement Association testing


If speed-to-market is as important as technical competence, you’ve found the right resource partner

Plant breeders, trait technology developers and other ambitious seed innovators like you can take advantage of a unique pathway to the market with Illinois Crop Improvement Association.

Unlike other third-party sources, the ICIA provides unrivaled technical expertise in seed testing, field inspection and process auditing on two fully functional and fully integrated farm-laboratory operations—one in the Midwest and one in Puerto Rico.

This means the window for ideal growing conditions never closes, giving you access to a continuous nursery resource for:

  • - Faster genetic gain and trait introgression
  • - Smarter niche-market product development strategies
  • - More dynamic seed certification capabilities
  • - More comprehensive seed processing and auditing programs
IL Crop Improvement Association Corn Testing


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