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Nufarm Americas, Inc.

1250 F.M. 378
Silverton, TX 79257

(800) 346-3330

Eric Patton
(806) 847-7915

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Nufarm Seed Treatment

Our North American operation encompasses several business units serving agriculture, turf, ornamental and greenhouse, seed treatment, and industrial vegetation management in the United States and Canada. Nuseed, our global seed business, also has a North American presence.

We know that growing is about more than just crops and cultivation. It’s about sunshine and rain, early mornings and hard work. It can be frustratingly unpredictable, but also wonderfully uplifting. More than anything, it’s about people.

Nufarm is the dependable partner behind thousands of agricultural success stories. Every day, growers around the world turn to our products and our people to help with the challenges of fighting disease, weeds and pests, and to increase crop yields.

Nufarm Crop Treatment


  • - Herbicides
  • - Selective Herbicides
  • - Plant Growth Regulators
  • - Fungicides
  • - Insecticides